Core Flyte V3


Get your legs, butt and abs burning with Core Flyte!


The core is one of the most important muscle groups in your body. The stronger your core, the better your rotation, flexibility, functionality, and posture. All critical aspects in toning your body, building functional strength and honing your athletic ability.

Core Flytes use patented Ball Transfer Technology to create Omni-Directional Stability Training. This means that whether you’re holding them stationary for a plank, or rolling them across the floor for a lunge, Core Flytes activate your entire core using secondary and major muscles to stabilise yourself during all forms of exercise.


Pair of Core Flytes
Carrying case
Home workout DVD
Exercise guide poster
Plus FREE online workout videos & online course

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‘I’ve been using Core Flytes to strengthen my core and mix up my workouts. The results so far have been epic! They’re now a regular part of my training schedule.’
Sally Fitzgibbons, Professional Surfer

“Core Flytes are a fantastic addition to my workout. They offer unlimited exercises, which make them appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. It is fun to change up a routine with Core Flytes -– you will never be bored.”
Carol Michaels, IDEA Fitness Trainer of the Year

“I use my Core Flytes every day to improve my overall stability and strength. Core Flyte’s increase muscle activation to provide a total body burn that builds and tones while improving athletic performance.”
Steve Weatherford, 10 Year NFL Veteran, Super Bowl Champion & Fitness Coach

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